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What does a biofeedback treatment involve?


Do you feel lethargic, stressed, burnout or are you struggling with unexplained symptoms for some time. Have your body clean once and experience the result. The biofeedback treatment, also known as biophoton therapy, is based on removing the disturbances of the body and giving the body the chance to carry out the self healing process. The biofeedback treatment is not a symptom control but focuses on the cause and removes it if possible. Vaccinations, medicines, food poisoning, teething problems, surgical scars and / or other harmful substances that we get through food, air and environment can have a disruptive effect on our natural immune system, which can cause complaints. Complaints can vary from fatigue, headaches, asthma, allergies, but whiplash or chronic disorders can also prevent us from functioning as we would like to.

Mine story

After a years of illness of my daughter, I ended up with a biofeedback therapist. My daughter had many complaints from her birth. She was a regular customer at the GP and at the hospital for examinations and blood tests. In her third year of life I noticed a circle on her hind leg, which looked like a bite of a tick. Subsequently she tested Lyme Disease several times, but the result was never positive. Her illness was only getting worse, but they did not know a ‘solution’ for her illness. In her teens the complaints were so aggravated that she almost needed help with everything. During the day as well as at night she struggled with a lot of pains which made walking difficult for her and did not sleep through the pains at night. Because her immune system became so weak, she got the disease of Pfeiffer. She got more and more problems with functioning so she often stayed home with inexplicable pains. She received allergic reactions from various products, which meant that she ate almost no more. Every day she swallowed a hand full of medicines and painkillers. After years of searching with the regular doctors we were told that she had fibromyalgia and only painkillers could relieve the pains. We were figured out! Then I went looking and came into contact with this form of therapy. Pretty soon it became clear that the Lyme Disease and Pfeiffer had affected her entire immune system. The treatments have changed her and our lives in the positive sense. Her body started to function better and she felt good. The result was clearly visible. Pretty soon she was out of the medication and painkillers and allowed and can eat and do everything again. I myself had the necessary complaints and decided to take treatments to experience what it does. I also recovered and was motivated by my daughter and my own experience to take the training to help others. I regret that in the Netherlands I have a full practice, which mainly came about by word of mouth, said farewell. Rob (my husband) had the wish to open a Bed & Breakfast in Spain. I have now started a practice in our Bed & Breakfast. In addition to permanent residents from the area, I am grateful that I have been able to treat many guests. Are you looking for a form of therapy for your unexplained complaints? If you are tired, lethargic or just ready to rest then I can advise you to come to our Bed & Breakfast. In addition to relaxation, your body will experience the positive and healthy energy. And if you want to combine your stay with treatments, this is certainly possible. I believe that you, like us, will do well ….! Christina (certified therapist)

Diagnosis and treatment

The cells of the body radiate about 100,000 light pulses per second. These light impulses consist of photons (light particles) of different frequencies. If the cell functions properly, it is slightly coherent, ie the momentum is just as good as that of a laser beam. At the moment that a disturbance occurs, for example due to a bacterium or stress, the light weakens and illness can result. The light impulses of the cells ensure the control of all biochemical processes of the body. The biofeedback treatment ensures that your own light will rebalance the body and that your own immune system will work well again. Your own body is the only good doctor and learns to heal itself again. It is about correcting the disturbances in the light of the cells. First we examine which systems work well in the body. This is done by measuring acupuncture points on hands and feet. These acupuncture points are at the end of the light paths, which are connected to all parts of the body. Well functioning systems are displayed on the screen by a straight horizontal line. Less well functioning systems show themselves by a dropping line. As the line decays more or more, the organ is also worse or there are several faults. These organs have one or more functional disorders. Subsequently, known frequencies of possible interference factors are tested at those points indicating that they have a functional fault. The frequencies tested are all the reverse frequency waves of disturbances. Because two inverted waves neutralize each other, the disturbance is canceled by the correct wave and again a flat horizontal line appears. When a horizontal line is reached, the cause of a fault has been found. With the inverse frequencies of the disturbances, the balance is then restored. Two glass rods are held. The one glass rod absorbs the light emitted by the body. This light is transmitted to the instruments by fiber optic cables. 

The light is split into harmonic and disharmonious light. The good, harmonious light is amplified to the body through the other glass rod. The disharmonic light is returned inverted to the body. Because the inverted disharmonic light neutralizes the chaotic part of the light, the disturbances are eliminated. Through this instruction, your immune system will get back to work optimally and solve problems again. After being left untreated, the body may have to re-train the immune system. You will probably get a cold again, but if you let the body do the work yourself, you will get rid of it quickly. The first time it can take 2 weeks, but certainly less at a next time. It is important to listen carefully to our bodies. A so-called dyslexia program is run at the end of each session. Years of experience have shown that dyslexia is mainly due to the fact that pituitary gland and pineal gland do not work well with the result that the hemispheres are not integrated. This program mainly works on these glands. Children up to 12 years of age do not undergo this program unless they are really dyslexic.


Who can not undergo biofeedback treatment

Because the immune system is restored again, people who have undergone an organ transplant can not be helped. The body then repels the impressed organ within the shortest time. Other body foreign objects are also treated by the body. Persons with shunts, plastic blood vessels, or pig heart valves should also not be treated. Those who can be treated normally are persons with metal parts, such as pacemakers or larger parts such as hips, artificial heart valves, screws and the like. These procedures do not cause problems with the treatment. Incidentally, it is true that this type of components has its own body-foreign frequency and can therefore be constant disturbance factors.


More and more people are suffering from magnetic and / or electrical interference fields or radiation, or that the GSM and / or UMTS masts cause problems or that your microwave, DCT telephone, wireless internet or computer harm your health. The earth magnetic field can also be disturbed by your bed, or by a water or drain pipe. This inexorably leads to electron spin inversions, which makes the body work against itself and one gets tired and all sorts of problems start to occur. As soon as you have a spin-inversion you are resistant to all possible therapies. Medications do not work or have the opposite effect.

Appointment and costs

If you still have questions despite the information or do you want to make an appointment for a treatment, then this can be done by telephone or by mail. A treatment of about one hour is € 50.00.

What can be treated

In principle, all functional disturbances in the body and mind can be restored. This is because the biofeedback treatment does not treat illnesses, but only enables the body’s own immune system to recognize and resolve the problems. This generally costs 2 to 3 sessions. In a single case that can be more. How many sessions you need depends on the regulative capacity of the body. Bodies with a high regeneration speed usually require fewer sessions. Children and animals belong to that category.

What is an electron spin-inversion

All atoms consist of a core and therefore rotating electrons. These electrons also rotate around their own axis. An atom can be compared to our solar system. The electrons are the planets that revolve around the sun but also around their own axis, just as the earth does. Due to the influence of an external magnetic field, which has sufficient force, the electrons can now come to a halt and then turn in the opposite direction (counterclockwise). When this is the case, one speaks of an electron spin inversion. If one has a spin-inversion, nothing works in the body as it should. It no longer absorbs nutrients, the Sodium-Potassium balance is reversed and people become tired. Chronic fatigue is actually the first symptom that one gets. After that, all sorts of things can develop, including allergies, food intolerance and countless other complaints. If you do have energy, check whether it is energy of will power. We can do a lot on willpower. But willpower is a reserve tank, which does get empty relatively quickly. You do have to fill your main tank again. You can also use your willpower over the effect of the spin-inversion. But the spin-inversion will still exist. You then carry out more robbery on your body. You can prevent spin inversions by sitting in your energy and looking for as few interference fields as possible. The body automatically recovers from a spin-inversion when it has enough energy and has not been exposed to a disturbing field for too long.