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About us

5 juni 2018 door Casa Sardonyx

About us

Let’s introduce Rob, who enjoyed working for many years in automation as a DB2 system programmer, DB2 database administrator at the larger companies and as a DB2 teacher at IBM. In 2007 the helm of the automation was finally changed for running a bed and breakfast. After this big step, the interest for working with computers still exists. Christina, has a running studio in which health was the central issue to make this big step. The studio had a beauty salon, gym, sauna and practice room. Christina is a biontologist and with the help of biofeedback treatments she makes the immune system stronger. Our 2 daughters moved to Spain at the age of 14 and 18. It was not always easy for them but they have now found their turn here .. Loraine is happy with Anthony and together they started their own company in Calpe. They rent and maintain holiday homes in the Calpe area, see http://www.costablancadreams.eu Laura has also started her own business and is now a real estate agent. Are you looking for a new home or would you like to sell it, please visit her site http://www.inmocostablancadreams.com she will continue to study. Three sweet little dogs have been admitted to the family. If you decide to book with us then we will do everything to make your stay in our bed and breakfast Casa Sardonyx as pleasant as possible because we hope to welcome you regularly!

Staying with Dutch people

Many guests ask me why did you leave for the Netherlands from Spain? Of course, this choice to move to Spain did not come overnight. It was always a wish for me to do something else before automation when I was 50 years old. Not because I did not find the work challenging, on the contrary even as someone who is posted can be employed anywhere in the Netherlands. And after being seconded for 23 years, you as a Dutchman know what it is like to be stuck in traffic every day. This was decisive at a given moment, a working day would consist of 4 to 5 hours a day in the car and then 8 hours of work at the customer. Well, the older you get, the harder it is, so at some point you have to make a decision and take on the challenge of doing something else. I can tell you that this is not an easy task. You are a specialist in a certain subject and what do you want to do then? So I finally decided to go abroad and start a bed and breakfast. The idea is simple but the implementation is not. Where do you want to go. As a family, we naturally had requirements that our new location would have to meet. My preference during a vacation is always a place where you wake up and see mountains and close to a large lake or sea. My wife did not want to live far away for the children, there must be a school, shops and a nice center or town to do your shopping. Furthermore, we had to find a house that meets the requirements for a bed and breakfast and where you could build 5 apartments on the house and of course enough space for our guests. After a long search on the internet, my wife found our current home and after a renovation we started a legalized bed and breakfast in Calpe

Why Calpe?

Calpe is 20 km from Benidorm and there is a micro climate in that area. Because of this climate we enjoy a fairly constant temperature. From the Netherlands it seems that we have 9 months of spring and 3 months of summer. Because of this climate, people with heart problems, asthma, rheumatism hardly need any medication anymore and the world health organization has declared this region the healthiest in Europe. During the winter months there are very many guests from various countries who spend the winter in this region. Our bed and breakfast is within walking distance of the sea and the beautiful boulevard of Calpe.

Staying with Dutch people in Spain

I often hear from guests that they really enjoy staying with Dutch people during their vacation. They find it easy because they don’t speak the Spanish language and feel more at ease with a Dutch host family. We can then advise them where to eat what the nice sights are and in case of emergency they can support them. In all the years that we have been active as a bed and breakfast, we have received the Zoover award for one of the best bed and breakfasts in Spain every year. If you would like more information about our bed and breakfast in Calpe, please feel free to contact us by mail or telephone. We try to satisfy you as much as possible.